Installing Using Dokku

Alto Catalog can be installed on a Linux machine running on bare hardware or a VPS using Dokku. Dokku provides an easy way to deploy web-based applications running in Docker. It provides a similar method of deployment as PaaS services like Heroku, but it uses a machine that you own or lease from a VPS.

  1. Follow the instructions on the Dokku setup page to install Dokku on your machine.

  2. Create a new app:

    [dokku] dokku apps:create alto-catalog
  3. Create and link a PostgreSQL database:

    [dokku] sudo dokku plugin:install
    [dokku] dokku postgres:create alto-catalog-db
    [dokku] dokku postgres:link alto-catalog-db alto-catalog
  4. On your local machine, check-out the latest release of Alto Catalog. The versions on the main branch are relatively stable:

    [local] git clone
    [local] cd alto-catalog
    [local] git checkout main
  5. Add Dokku as a remote and push Cloud Player.

    [local] git remote add dokku dokku@${DOKKU_SERVER}:alto-catalog
    [local] git push dokku main:master
  6. Back on your Dokku host, it’s encouraged to install the Lets Encrypt plugin so that HTTPS is used.

    [dokku] sudo dokku plugin:install
    [dokku] dokku config:set --no-restart alto-catalog DOKKU_LETSENCRYPT_EMAIL=${YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS}
    [dokku] dokku letsencrypt:enable alto-catalog